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We service all areas of Perth, with the latest in hot high pressure cleaning equipment and with more than 20 years experience we guarantee to get the job done on time and on budget.


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Welcome to Perth Pressure Cleaning, the home of Perth’s favorite high pressure cleaning experts.

For more than 20 years we have been providing local West Australian residents and business owners high pressure cleaning services. Our experienced team of pressure cleaning kings will provide the highest level of service that our reputation precedes.

Residential Pressure Cleaning

We can high pressure clean your home and make it look fresh & new. A great idea if you are trying to sell or spring clean, add value & please your neighbours.

Commercial Building Cleaning

Need dust, dirt & grime removed from your commercial building? Attract new tenants, please your customers, pressure clean your building today.

Driveway High Pressure Cleaning

Do you have oil stains or grease on your driveway? Want it looking fresh and clean? Bring back the colour to your driveway with a pressure clean today.

Graffiti Pressure Removal

Have you been graffiti-ed and need to remove paint from your fence, building or windows, call us today to clean the mess.

Shopping Centre Cleaning

Clean spilled drink stains, chewing gum, cigarette stains and more from your shopping centre pavements today.

Car Park Pressure Cleaning

Remove the years of oil stains, chewing gum and bird dropping build up from car parks leaving them fresh and clean.

The Experts At High Pressure Cleaning Restoration In Perth

  • Using the latest in High Pressure Cleaning equipment including gas fired hot wash, caustic wash or environmentally friendly green wash we can customise a High Pressure Cleaning solution to your needs.
  • Residential High Pressure Cleaning
  • Residential High Pressure Cleaning
  • Commercial High Pressure Cleaning
  • Shopping Centre High Pressure Cleaning
  • Industrial Warehouse High Pressure Cleaning
  • Factory High Pressure Cleaning

Let Us Pressure Clean Your Property Today!

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